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Birthmother Stories

Crystal Helps Birth Parents Seeking Adoptive Families With Her Experience

This is actually not my first adoption, this is my fourth. My husband was the one who found the place. It was something that was last minute, but it made it a lot easier for the whole process.

I chose an open adoption, it was an open adoption with all of them. I couldn’t do it any other way. Choosing a family that I know can give the life that I, myself could not, but still being allowed to be a part of that child’s life.

After I had the baby, I wanted to be the first one to hold the child and I also wanted to be the first one to bottle feed it. I also wanted to be able to negotiate a name for the baby, but we came to an agreement upon that. As far as completing all the wat through, everything I wanted I got.

The agency was so helpful, in terms of getting what I wanted done, and so understanding, because this was a last-minute adoption. My case manager was so helpful, she was extremely wonderful. I probably wouldn’t have been able to get through giving my baby up for adoption, without her.

When asked what she would say to birth mother looking at our program and considering giving baby up for adoption, she said, “Not to worry, that everything will be okay. The baby will be placed in the best family possible. They will do everything and anything they can to make sure that you’re okay.”

We hope this testimonial helps you with your decision, and are happy to help! 

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