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Birthmother Stories

Kimberly’s Story A Mother Looking For Adoptive Parents

Well, I have four kids already, and when I got pregnant it was like the worst thing. I was crying for days, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to take care of another baby. Then I came across Arizona Pregnancy Help, so I called and decided to do adoption.

The best thing was just seeing my son in the car seat and them holding him, it was like a relief. I didn’t have to worry so much anymore, and I knew he was okay.

I would tell her that it’s really hard, it’s like the hardest decision you will ever have to make, but knowing your baby is okay at the end is really good.

Here at Arizona Pregnancy Help, we are supportive and understanding of your situation. You can also go to our Adoption Podcast called Birth Mother Matters to get even more information on many different topics. Wherever you are in life we are here and are ready to help you! Give us a call at 623.695.4112 to get further information on what we can do for you!

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