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Following your adoption plan when placing your baby for adoption can help prevent DCS / CPS involvement. In some circumstances, when a pregnant woman goes into the hospital and delivers her baby, the hospital social worker makes a Department of Child Safety / Child Protective Services Report. The reports can be made for numerous reasons, including:

  • Illegal drug use on behalf of the pregnant woman
  • An open case history for her other children with Department of Child Safety / Child Protective Services
  • No prenatal care
  • No items with which to take care of the baby
  • Reported homelessness

When you choose to make an adoption plan, it is presumed that you will follow the course of your intended adoption plan. Understand that if the hospital social worker makes a report is made to DCS / CPS, they will come to the hospital and meet with you and explain what their plan of action is. They may decide to take custody of your baby, or you will be allowed to continue with your adoption plan.

If you choose to work with DCS / CPS, you may be given the opportunity to participate in services to rectify the issue that brought your baby into the state’s care and custody. When DCS / CPS is chosen, often the reason for the state’s involvement is substance abuse. The Department of Child Safety may offer treatment services to help you obtain and maintain a sober lifestyle that will allow / permit for a safe environment in which for the baby to reside.

Arizona Open Adoption, Arizona Adoption Plan, Financial Help for Pregnancy Adoption in Arizona

Most people do not enjoy the oversight and management of the state involvement when the Department of Child Safety / Child Protective Services open a case. This is another reason that many women make an adoption plan.

Usually after DCS gets involved and takes custody of the baby, they do an investigation of the home and speak to any other children that may reside in your home.

Arizona Open Adoption, Arizona Adoption Plan, Financial Help for Pregnancy Adoption in Arizona

Although there are private adoption aftercare services available to Birth Mothers who have placed their child for private adoption, these aftercare services are voluntary. When working with DCS, these services are mandatory and are monitored by the Juvenile Court system. A Birth Mother may choose to work with the Department of Child Safety if she already has other kids in care. Another policy / goal of DCS is to keep siblings together. Though this does not always happen, it is first preference and if available would be the chosen placement.

Which again, is another reason why many women choose adoption for their baby. They want to choose the family, have an open adoption, and remain in their baby’s life. They do not want the state’s involvement in their lives and they want assistance with getting their life back on track.

We know you love your baby and want only the best for their future and you can give that to them with the gift of adoption.

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