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Crisis Pregnancy in Arizona?

Stories From Women Who Have Been Through It

Crisis Pregnancy in Arizona? You Are Not Alone

Asking Yourself, “Should I Find a Loving Family to Adopt my Baby?” 

 We Can Help You 24/7/365.


Women experiencing a crisis pregnancy in Arizona need helpful information.  Are you wondering, “Is adoption the best choice?  If so, where do I find the right family to adopt my baby?” We understand, and have helped so many women in tough situations. We really do want to help.  AZ Pregnancy Help is part of Building Arizona Families, a non-profit, licensed adoption agency that provides free professional counseling, free practical support and free adoption services to pregnant women.  We will work on your behalf, making sure that your wishes as a mother are honored. 

Should you choose adoption, we provide practical support during your crisis pregnancy.  We provide free:

Counseling & adoption services | Food & clothing | Housing if you qualify | Transportation | Cell phone


Please take the time to watch the stories below.  These are stories of courageous women who experienced a crisis pregnancy in Arizona, wrestled with their decisions, and got the support they needed to make the right choice. They, like you, also asked “Should I find a family to adopt my baby?” Discover how their choice changed their life and their baby’s life forever!

As you make the courageous, beautiful choice to give your baby the gift of life, we will walk beside you during and after your pregnancy.  We are here for you 24/7/365, and we want you to succeed in life.    

Just need someone to talk to? You can call or text us any time, day or night. (623) 404-0379  Let us help.

Crisis Pregnancy in Arizona?  We Can Help With Free Practical Support and Adoption Services.

Free Info On How We Can Help

Birthmother Stories


I was so conflicted, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a open, semi-open or closed adoption. Thanks to the counseling that Building Arizona Families provided I was able to find out the difference, my rights and that helped me… read more


Building Arizona Families is an amazing adoption agency. I wasn’t sure about my decision to place my child for adoption at first and was struggling with whether I was making the right decision for my unborn child. My anxiety… read more

We hope the stories of the women who reached out to Building Arizona Families during their crisis pregnancy in Arizona have encouraged you.   You do not have to go through this difficult time alone.  You don’t need to wonder “Where can I possibly find a good family to adopt my baby?”.  We will walk with you through your pregnancy, adoption, and then will help you afterwards with the support you need to build a bright future.  Let’s talk about your situation.

Call or text us 24/7/365 at 623-404-0379.

We understand and are here to help.

Please also take a minute to get all of the info on the practical ways we can help you during your crisis pregnancy.  Food, clothing, housing, medical care, etc. – we know you can’t do this alone.

Free Info On How We Can Help

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