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Are you pregnant and using drugs and addicted Arizona?
Considering adoption?

Can I Place My Baby for Adoption if I am Pregnant and Using Drugs and Addicted?

YES!  Adoption is definitely a great option for you.  We can assist you with your adoption plan and assist you with needed resources and support.  You will never face judgement or condemnation with our agency, we believe your adoption choice is celebratory.  We have decades of experience in assisting pregnant women with substance addiction.  

We can help you get stabilized after completing your intake with our Phoenix, Arizona Adoption Agency.  We can provide housing, if you are homeless, food, a cell phone, transportation, maternity clothing and so much more.  Our role as your adoption agency is to assist you along your adoption journey, provide adoption counseling services and assistance with receiving medical care for your pregnancy.  We want to support you in the decision-making process throughout your adoption journey by educating you about all of your adoption choices.

Regardless of whether you choose to make an adoption plan.  If your baby is going to be substance exposed, please understand that the hospital social worker will be required to make a DCS/CPS (Department of Child Safety/Child Protective Services.)  A DES/CPS Worker will come to the hospital after you deliver the baby and discuss your option with you, including whether you will be allowed to take the baby home from the hospital.  

This is where making an adoption plan may be an amazing option for you.  Making an adoption plan will allow you and enable you to stay in control.  

You will be able to make loving adoption choices for your baby:

  • You choose the adoptive family
  • You choose if you want an Open or Closed Adoption.
  • You choose the type and frequency of the Post-Adoption Communication (if you choose an Open Adoption.)

An adoption plan offers permanency for your baby and the reassurance that you can remain a part of your baby’s life.

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