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Every adoption agency has its own way of structuring their agency. This series explains how we, at AZ Pregnancy Help / Building Arizona Families, work together as a team to ensure the best possible adoption experience and outcome. This blog focuses on the role of birth mother case manager assistants during the adoption journey. We discuss what an adoption birth mother case manager assistant is, what role they play, and what it is like to work in the adoption world under the title/role of an adoption birth mother case manager assistant.

What is an Adoption Birth Mother Case Manager Assistant?

Adoption birth mother case manager assistants are the support team for the birth mother case managers. Their roles, duties, and responsibilities include the following:

  • Birth mother intakes
  • Assisting with birth mother housing during her pregnancy
  • Assisting in financial assistance distribution
  • Arranging and providing transportation for medical appointments
  • Assisting in ordering, stocking, and building food boxes for the food pantry
  • Assisting birth mother case managers when they have a scheduling conflict with providing assistance to more than one birth mother needing assistance at the same time
  • Help execute birth mother documents
  • Assisting at the Donna K. Evans Program in providing post-adoption services for birth mothers

The birth mother case manager assistant can be considered a precursor to being a case manager. This position is typically for social workers who do not have enough experience to be a birth mother case manager or social worker who needs a more consistent schedule for their personal life.

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