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Life experiences, relationships, and plans do not always work out as we would like. Sometimes we walk into a new experience with a certain expectation or perception of what we want, and it just doesn’t happen how we imagined it would. Unforeseen factors may arise, or maybe there is a misunderstanding of the process.  It is why good communication is so important, no matter what the challenge. For women facing crisis pregnancies, our local adoption agency in Arizona is here to support birth mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 

Our team will walk alongside women on their adoption journey, just as we have for thousands of other women facing a crisis pregnancy.  We explain the processes, the decisions, and provide support for the emotions that accompany the journey. Every birth mother will feel differently throughout her adoption experience, and that is why our local Arizona adoption agency provides the best care for a woman choosing adoption. 

We Want to Positively Impact Every Birth Mother’s Adoption Experience 

A question that many birth mothers have asked me before, during, and after going through adoption is, “Why are some birth mothers happy with their adoption choice, and others are not as happy afterward?”

Women experience their adoption journey individually, no two circumstances are exactly alike. Over the years at our local adoption agency, we have witnessed so many variables that can positively or negatively affect an adoption journey. For example, here are some factors that may influence your adoption experience as a birth mother:

  1. Local Adoption Agency in ArizonaYour level of understanding of the adoption process
  2. Your reasons for choosing adoption
  3. Your support structure or lack of one
  4. Whether or not you follow the recommendations of your agency to: 
    • Visit a counselor
    • Develop a relationship with the adoptive family you choose through our local Arizona adoption agency 
  5. How open and honest you are about what you want, including: 
    • Type of adoptive family
    • Expectations of your adoption caseworker
    • Post-adoption communication
  6. Your ability and willingness to speak up if things are not going the way you want them to go, including: 
    • Sometimes caseworkers and birth mothers do not have personalities that work well together, and it is necessary to switch you to another caseworker within the agency.
    • You may feel that the adoptive family wants more or less communication before you deliver, and it is important to speak to your caseworker about your feelings.
    • If you are struggling with your feelings and emotions regarding your adoption, make sure you speak with your adoption caseworker; she is trained in working with birth mothers and can help with processing your feelings.  If you need to see the adoption counselor, she can make an appointment for you.
  7. External factors outside of an adoption agency or birth mother’s control may also impact her adoption experience, such as: 
    • Medical complications
    • A birth father’s actions
    • A global pandemic

Birth Mothers Feel Like Home at Our Local Adoption Agency in Arizona 

Local Adoption Agency in Arizona

Adoption is a beautiful choice. Birth mothers are brave, strong, and selfless, but that doesn’t mean that it is an easy choice. Like any journey, your experience will be what you make it – you can choose to focus on the positives or the negatives. 

Does every birth mother have an amazing “Hallmark greeting card” experience? No, but many birth mothers, finding themselves experiencing another unplanned pregnancy, return to do a second adoption after completing one with our local Arizona adoption agency – Building Arizona Families. We have been told our office feels like home, and that has always been our goal. Everyone who works in our agency believes in the adoption process and has dedicated themselves to making sure that every birth mother who walks through our door has the best adoption experience possible!

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption and want to learn more or explore your options, we are here for you. We are available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112. We can make an immediate appointment with you to get started on creating an Arizona Adoption Plan or give you more information. Please introduce yourself to us HERE, we look forward to meeting you!

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