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Crisis Pregnancy? Adoption is a Choice – Our Adoption Agency in Arizona Can Help

Adoption is a Choice That Helps Thousands of Women Experiencing Crisis Pregnancies in Arizona

Building Arizona Families, our adoption agency in Arizona, has helped thousands of women experiencing crisis pregnancies in Arizona.  It is such a relief when women discover that adoption is a choice they can make that does not cost them anything. Many women simply had no idea about the help Building Arizona Families provides so that they have the support they need to choose life for their unborn child. The majority of women experiencing crisis pregnancies in Arizona feel trapped.  Research tells us that lack of finances is the primary reason women choose an abortion.  At Building Arizona Families, the women we serve tell us that the practical and emotional support they received from us has helped them move forward to make very positive progress in their personal lives. Their courageous decision to give their unborn baby the gift of life was life changing for them as well.   Some of them have gone back to school, others have found jobs they love, and still others have stabilized their lives and had a baby they are now parenting with joy.  You can watch some of their inspiring stories HERE.

Nicole Discovered Adoption is a Choice and Now Helps Women Experiencing Crisis Pregnancies in Arizona

Not only does adoption cost birth mothers nothing, but very often birth mothers are able to use this courageous choice as a pivotal moment in their lives.  For example, Nicole’s life including homelessness, drug abuse, and at one point running drugs from prison. When she discovered she was pregnant, she felt trapped.  Her boyfriend was abusing her, and she knew that the Department of Child Safety would take the baby if she kept him.  Yet, she knew deep down that abortion was a choice she could not make.  She discovered that adoption is a choice, and found Building Arizona Families to walk her through her adoption journey.  She now has a new baby that she is loving and caring for and is giving back to other women experiencing crisis pregnancies in Arizona as a peer support specialist.   You can watch Nicole’s story on our Testimonials page HERE.

Life on the Streets is Hard

As homelessness rises as a result of inflation, women experiencing crisis pregnancies in Arizona find their circumstances worsening. The searing summer heat, blistering monsoon storms, and the inherent dangers of life on the streets for vulnerable women all take their toll.  Some women are addicted, creating a high risk for their unborn baby and themselves. No matter the reason, we are here to help.  We don’t want any pregnant women to feel trapped. It’s why Building Arizona Families works hard to reach out to women in difficult circumstances experiencing crisis pregnancies in Arizona.   We make sure adoption is a choice they get to make. We get pregnant women off the streets, provide addicted pregnant women with the support they need, and offer all of the practical help needed – food, clothing, shelter.  By providing the practical helps, these courageous, selfless women are able to give their unborn children the gift of life and a bright future through the miracle of adoption.

Building Arizona Families is Available 24/7/365 to Help

Let us help.  Building Arizona Families is a licensed, non-profit Arizona adoption agency that has helped thousands of women experiencing crisis pregnancies in Arizona.  We are available to help 24/7/365.  You can call or text at any time and help will be there for you.  If you are homeless, we will have you off the streets today.  You can reach out to us at 623-404-0379.  You can also fill out the form on the website to get the adoption process started.  Go here to fill out the form.

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