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It’s time to stand up for the men who stand beside the women. It’s time to talk about the role of a birth father. Birth fathers also have the right to choose when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona. Not only is the birth father the man who gives the baby half of his genes, but he is a man giving his whole heart. Birth fathers matter. They matter to the birth mother, the baby, and in an adoption plan to the adoptive family!

I think in everyone’s life, there are defining moments that shape you. Making decisions you are proud of is essential. Sometimes the easy road does not turn out to be easy in the long run. When you face a fork in the road, think about the long term outcome of the decision you are making. How will it impact your life in 10, 20, or even 50 years from now? Learn everything you can about the decisions you are making. Sometimes life choices cannot be undone. Researching and educating yourself can help you choose the right path.

With Adoption Men Have A Choice When Dealing With Unplanned Pregnancy in Arizona 

Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy in AZWhen choosing abortion in the state of Arizona, a woman does not need a man’s consent to terminate his unborn baby. However, a man has to give consent or notice of the adoption plan, so he can decide whether or not to oppose the adoption. In adoption, a birth father is given a choice. Ironically, in an abortion a birth father does not have a say.

There are not rallies with men holding up signs saying, “It’s a Man’s Right To Choose” or “It’s My DNA.” With an abortion choice, a man does not have a voice, but with adoption, a man does. Many men, like many women, want to do the right thing and make the right choice. When a father is unable to parent, he too can be a part of an adoption plan. He will sign adoption consents and receive post-adoption communication, enjoying the same benefits of open adoption as the birth mother.  

In the adoption world, we believe birth fathers matter. They are half of the equation and half of the DNA. Unfortunately, men do not have a voice in the abortion world. As an adoption agency, we recognize a birth father’s biological relationship to his baby. Adoption promotes the importance of birth fathers, and we believe their thoughts, feelings, and wishes matter.

Birth Mothers Matter Adoption Podcast Supports Birth Fathers and Their Perspective 

On our most recent Birth Mother Matters adoption podcast, we discussed the aftermath of abortion from a father’s perspective. Only the bravest of the brave can be humble enough to speak the truth, even when the truth hurts. Listen to our Adoption Podcast HERE.

Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy in AZThere are very positive alternatives to abortion in Arizona. If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and want more information about adoption, we (Building Arizona Families) are a local Arizona adoption agency. We are available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112.  We can make an immediate appointment with you to get started on creating an Arizona adoption plan or find more information HERE.  We can also provide immediate practical support like food, clothing, housing, medical care, and transportation if needed. Be educated about your unplanned pregnancy choice and alternatives to abortion in Arizona; your baby is counting on you!  Also, visit us at to get facts about abortion vs. adoption, and watch videos of birth mothers who made the loving, courageous choice of adoption for their baby, and then were able to start a fresh, positive life with our post-adoption support services.

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