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Many women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona need assistance both during their pregnancy, as well as after.  Choosing an adoption agency should be more than just you looking for an agency to assist you with the most common core adoption issues: creating an adoption plan, open adoption vs. closed adoption, financial help for pregnancy, and to find a family.  As a birth mother, you need more!  

dealing with unplanned pregnancy in ArizonaWe believe in the importance of continued care, which is why we created the Donna K. Evans Foundation, to provide continued care for our birth mothers after they place their baby for adoption.  The Donna K. Evans Foundation has a mission of helping women after placing a baby for private adoption.  The goal of adoption aftercare is to provide women a safe place to return for help to reach their own life goals and dreams after placing their baby for adoption.

Donna K. Evans Foundation Helping Women Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy in Arizona

The goal of the Donna K. Evans Foundation is to help birth mothers find their wings; re-establish themselves, pick up where they left off, and work towards improving their life.  A birth mother gives the ultimate and priceless gift and helps to create a family for others. The Donna K. Evans Foundation wants to support women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona with beneficial services before and after their pregnancy.  It should be the goal of an adoption agency to make sure the birth mother is not left behind and has an opportunity to improve her life as well!

Aftercare services that the Donna K. Evans Foundation offers include:

  • Birth mother case management
  • Birth mother support group 
  • Mentoring and peer support 
  • Emotional support
  • Housing and shelter referrals and resources
  • Emergency housing assistance
  • Emergency food bags
  • Resources for domestic violence assistance 
  • Medical/Behavioral Health/Substance abuse resources
  • Classes & workshops
  • Access to computer stations for housing, career, and educational needs when available.
  • Resources for assistance with academic and career training admissions and scholarships process.
  • Transportation resources
  • Job search resources and assistance
  • Assistance with clothing and attire from the clothing closet on site.
  • Referral to local social service resources and support
  • Mailboxes for delivery of personal items for social services and job-related needs

The Donna K Evans Foundation

We reach out to provide…

HOPE to birth mothers when they feel lost…

STRENGTH when they feel weak… and 

SUPPORT when they feel forgotten and lonely…

If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona and want more information about adoption, we are a local adoption agency.  We are available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112.  We can make an immediate appointment to get started on creating an Arizona adoption plan or provide you more information HERE.

dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Arizona


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