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Building Arizona Families is an Arizona state-licensed adoption agency that provides birth mothers with resources they need. We understand that living expenses can be a big source of stress for many pregnant women considering adoption. All adoption services for birth mothers are free and yes, we at Building Arizona Families may be able to provide financial assistance for your current living expenses. All medical expenses related to the pregnancy and birth can be assisted with if you are ineligible for insurance or have private insurance with a high deductible. Housing, food, transportation, clothing, and toiletries are additional areas where you may qualify for assistance.


Whether or not you qualify for financial assistance largely depends on:

  • If you are working
  • If you have other household members financially contributing to the household
  • What funds and resources you have available


Why are living expenses important in the adoption process?

Living expenses are an important and necessary part of the adoption process. They (hopefully) can help eliminate some of the stress you are under. We want you to focus on your health, your adoption plan and take some time to rest, rather than worrying about housing and food.



What types of living expenses are allowed?

Most adoption agencies allow birth mothers to use living expenses to cover necessities, including housing, food, transportation, medical expenses, clothing, and toiletries. It is important to be aware of the guidelines of the in the state you are residing in. Different states have different policies and procedures for providing living expenses during your adoption journey. Some states have a cap of what a birth mother can receive and other states, like Arizona, have a judge oversee and approve the amount allotted. The amount of assistance/money that a birth mother may receive depends on her actual and quantifiable current living expenses. At Building Arizona Families, we gather your current living expenses and work with you and our attorney to see what you qualify for.


How are living expenses paid?

If you qualify for assistance, we at Building Arizona Families pay as many of the qualified expenses directly as possible. What we cannot pay directly is given to you and you can pay those expenses. Living expenses are important throughout the adoption journey. We understand that a lack housing, food, clothing, transportation, and medical expenses can be extremely stressful.

Please remember, if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you, every step of the way. If you are researching adoption agencies outside the State of Arizona, try using the search term “Adoption agency near me.”  If you are looking for an adoption agency in Arizona, we are here for you.

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