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When it’s finally time for baby to arrive, many birth mothers worry about how they will feel, how they will be treated, if they will be judged, and how they will cope during their hospital time. Some women wonder if they will have time alone with their baby after birth, if they can feed or bond with their baby in the hospital, and whether they want the adoptive parents in the delivery room. Our adoption agency helps prepare our birth mothers for their hospital stay. Together, we create an Arizona adoption plan and hospital plan that birth mothers are happy with. 

Be Prepared for Your Hospital Experience with a Hospital Plan

Your hospital plan can be thought of as your letter to the hospital staff, the adoptive family, and to your Arizona adoption agency. It will detail what you want your hospital stay to be like. It includes who will be there, how you will give birth, how much time you want with your baby, and which mementos (if any) you would like to bring home. By planning ahead, you can make your wishes known and ensure they are met
before birth.

When you are about 32-34 weeks, it is time to start talking with your adoption specialist about how you would Arizona Adoption Planlike your hospital experience to go. Most adoption agencies work with the birth mother to create a hospital
plan. For those who may not know, a hospital adoption plan in Arizona is a document that details exactly what the birth mother wants to happen (and not happen) during their hospital stay. 

Your Arizona adoption plan is typically created before going into labor to help give you peace of mind and prepare mentally for the delivery and adoption process. As you approach your due date, it can help to have a birthing plan in writing.

Our Local Adoption Agency Helps Birth Mothers Create Their Arizona Adoption Plan

Creating a hospital plan with your Adoption Specialist is an exciting time in your adoption journey for both you and your chosen adoptive family. A hospital plan is only one part of your adoption plan. It is developed and distributed to all individuals involved in your Arizona adoption plan. This way, when you go into labor, everyone knows what your wishes are and can accommodate them. Once you are at the hospital, if you decide you want to change your hospital plan, that is fine. The plan is created as a baseline, so everyone involved in your adoption understands how you want your time at the hospital to be spent.  

Having an understanding of what a hospital plan is, is excellent preparation for any birth mother on an adoption journey. Learning how the hospital plan works may alleviate any anxiety or stress you have regarding your upcoming hospital stay. 

Here is an outline of what goes into a Hospital Plan: 

  • Who would you like to be with you during labor? Additionally, who do you want to be allowed in the labor and delivery room? Is there anyone who you would prefer not to be in the room with you?
  • Would you like the adoptive family at the hospital with you, in the delivery room, or the waiting area? 
  • Think about whether you want pictures taken of you and the baby, and when.
  • With any labor and delivery, there is always the possibility of needing a C-section. It’s important to prepare yourself in advance for this possibility by researching everything there is to it, including how to take care of yourself during the recovery period.
  • When the baby is born, would you like the baby handed directly to you? If allowed, who would you like to cut the baby’s cord?
  • Would you like to continue to see or hold your baby? Would you like to feed and/or change your baby? How much time do you want to spend with your baby? Do you want alone time? Do you want your baby to sleep in your room or the hospital nursery?
  • Would you like to name the baby, allow the adoptive family to name the baby, or choose a name together?
  • Do you wish to see and maintain contact with the adoptive parents (if you have chosen an open adoption)? Would you like to see them together with your baby in your room or allow the adoptive family to spend time with the baby in their nesting room?
  • Who do you want to visit you in the hospital? Is there anyone (e.g., family, friends, the birth father) you wish to see or hold the baby? Is there anyone you do not want allowed to visit you?
  • How do you wish to leave the hospital—before or after the adoptive family? Who will carry the baby out of the hospital?
  • Remember, a hospital plan can be changed or altered if you choose at a later time. Communication is the key to figuring out the right answers to these questions. Make sure to talk things over with everyone involved in the adoption process to avoid surprises later on. Both sides can be satisfied with the outcome if you talk openly and honestly.

An Arizona Adoption Plan Tailored to What You Want and Expect

The goal of this plan is to make you as comfortable as possible with your Arizona adoption plan. We want Arizona Adoption Planyour adoption journey to be special and tailored to you, learn more HERE.

If you are ready to begin your Arizona adoption plan or want to learn more about adoption, the best thing to do is to call our 24 hours/7 days a week phone number at 623-695-4112 or our toll-free number 1-800-340-9665. We will answer any additional questions you may have and can schedule an appointment with one of our adoption specialists. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your Arizona adoption plan! 

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