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Adoption is much more common than one may realize and taking a step back to look at how celebrities can add to adoption awareness is important. Historically, adoption wasn’t as openly spoken about prior to the 1980s as it is now. Adoption awareness has assisted in the positive law changes, the openness and the understanding of adoption. Adoption builds families, provides a child with a loving, safe and stable home, affords couples to be parents when fertility may be an issue and is an option for women and men who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Adding a child to your family through adoption can be a lovely way to grow a family and provide them with a loving home. Children all throughout the world still need families, and the process can be difficult. Celebrities who have been adopted have used their platforms to advocate for adoption, sharing their personal tales and firsthand knowledge to dispel myths and stigmas.

Some famous/celebrity adoptees include Faith Hill, Melissa Gilbert, Steve Jobs, Kristen Chenoweth, Dave Thomas, Jaime Fox and Sarah McLachlan. A celebrity athlete who has promoted adoption through her platform is Simone Biles. When she was a small child, Biles was adopted by her grandparents, and she has spoken up about her experiences growing up in a non-traditional home.

By sharing their experiences and stories, adopted celebrities have improved public perception of adoption. They have supported the normalization of non-traditional families and inspired others to think about adopting a child in need to give them a loving home. These public figures serve as role models and supporters, exemplifying how adoption can be a lovely way to grow a family and have a positive effect on a child’s life.

If you are pregnant, interested in making an adoption plan and looking at adoption agencies in Arizona – you found us! We have an adoption office in Phoenix, Arizona. We do private adoptions and can assist you throughout the private adoption process. If you are a teenager, we understand that there are teen pregnancy options, and we are one of them! We pride ourselves here at our adoption center!

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