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Many birth mothers have concerns about giving up a baby or placing a baby for adoption.  It is very normal to have worries and/or concerns about making an adoption plan.  The more you can become educated on adoption, the more comfortable you may feel.  If you are located in Arizona and are searching for an adoption center near you, we here at Building Arizona Families, are ready to help you make an adoption plan.


Some common concerns about placing a baby for adoption include:

  • My child will hate me for choosing adoption.

One of the biggest worries many birth mothers have is the fear that their child will hate them for choosing adoption.  Open adoption allows for communication throughout the adoptee’s life, which permits ongoing communication throughout the first 18 years of the child’s life.  When the child is old enough to understand what adoption means, the adoptive parents and the birth mothers can explain adoption and continue to elaborate as the child gets older.  Adoptees are often very grateful for their birth mother’s adoption choice.

  • I won’t be a “real” mom if I place my baby for adoption.

The fear that a woman will not be a “real” mom if she places my baby for adoption is easily disputable.  At times, mothers make the most difficult choices.  Making an adoption choice does not change that you ARE a mother.

  • Choosing adoption for my baby is selfish.

Choosing adoption for a baby is NOT selfish.  Choosing adoption is a selfless decision.  Starting on an adoption journey is the most selfless decision a mother may make.

  • An adoptive family will never love my baby as much as I do.

The worry that an adoptive family will never love my baby as much as a biological parent can be put to rest and is untrue.  You can talk with many adoptive parents about their feelings towards their adopted child.  You can also interview the adoptive family before choosing them to adopt your child, which will help reassure you that the adoptive family will love your baby every bit as much as you do.


Rest assured that it is normal to have worries and concerns about choosing adoption for your unborn baby.  We can address your worries and concerns when we meet with you to make an adoption plan, throughout your pregnancy and after.  Building Arizona Families / AZ Pregnancy Help is a local Arizona adoption center.  We are an Arizona Adoption Agency.  If you would like to learn more about placing a baby for adoption, please contact us at (623) 695-4112.  An adoption plan can help you to restart your life.  When you choose adoption, believe that you do not have to do this alone.  We can assist you throughout your pregnancy and after the baby is born.

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