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A woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be seeking support and guidance during the challenging decisions she has to make. But, when a woman is experiencing domestic violence and finds out she is pregnant unexpectedly, she can be left trying to figure out an extremely tough situation alone. Unfortunately, some pregnant women, just like many women, experience, and are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is experienced by women regardless of their age, race, socioeconomic class, education level, and residence state. Our local adoption agency never judges any woman and her situation and supports our birth mothers emotionally and financially through their Arizona adoption plan.

Domestic Violence Affects Pregnant Women from Many Walks of Life

Some demographics have been studied that suggest certain women may have a higher possibility of being victimized.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Pregnancy Report, the following facts:

  • Homicide is the leading cause of death among pregnant women in the United States.
  • 50-75% of women abused before pregnancy are abused during pregnancy.
  • It is estimated that up to 20% of pregnant women experience violence during their pregnancy, making it more common than gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, conditions routinely screened for in pregnant women by physicians.
  • 77% of pregnant homicide victims are killed early (during the first trimester) in the pregnancy. 
  • Pregnant adolescents (ages 13-17) have an elevated risk of violence from their partners compared with pregnant adults (ages 18+). An estimated 5.4%-37.6% of all adolescent girls experience physical violence while pregnant or during the year preceding delivery.
  • Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to be killed with a gun than non-pregnant homicide victims. 
  • Women who are abused during pregnancy are more likely to delay entry into prenatal care.
  • Women with unintended pregnancies are two to four times more likely to experience physical violence than women with planned pregnancies.

Arizona Adoption Plan

AZ Pregnancy Help Supports Women During Their Arizona Adoption Plan

Breaking the domestic violence cycle can be difficult, and is one reason why pregnant women choose adoption for their baby. We can help you with your Arizona adoption plan; we can help you during your pregnancy and afterward. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and interested in learning more about Arizona adoption plans, we are a private adoption agency located in Arizona and can assist you. Just because we do adoption in Arizona doesn’t mean that we can’t assist you with an adoptive family in another state- we can! 

Contact us to learn more about setting up an Arizona adoption plan and discuss the process with you. You can contact us 24/7 at (623) 695-4112. You are not alone, and we want to help. Thank you for considering adoption, you are making an amazing choice! Call or Text: (623) 695-4112 or introduce yourself to us online HERE. We look forward to talking to you!

The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) offers help to anyone involved in a domestic violence situation. They help victims as well as survivors, friends, and family members. They also provide information on sexual assault, battering intervention, and prevention programs. 

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