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If you are pregnant in Arizona, and have made a private adoption plan for your baby, it may be time share your plan with family members and/or friends.


You may be worried about their reaction or what they’ll think of you. It’s important to remember that you are not alone, there are many other women in Arizona who have chosen adoption for their babies. And, while for some, it may be a difficult choice to make, it is a selfless act of love. There are available resources to help you throughout your adoption journey, including adoption agencies and adoption centers. Building Arizona Families is an adoption agency in Arizona and is a great resource for birth moms considering adoption in Arizona. You may even receive assistance with living expenses during and after your pregnancy.

Explaining an adoption choice to family members and friends can be an emotional and anxious experience. However, remember that adoption can impact an entire family. Disclosing your adoption plan and discussing your reasons behind your adoption decision may provide reassurance and comfort to all parties involved, especially in the situation of a teen pregnancy.


Friends and family members may choose to support you throughout your adoption journey. Additionally, it’s important to discuss your adoption choice with your family so they can make their own decision as to whether they want to be involved in your adoption plan. An adoption choice can be an emotional and sensitive topic, but it’s essential to establish open and honest communication. Explaining your adoption choice to family members gives them the space to love and understand your decision without judgment. Families may come to terms with an adoption plan more easily if given an opportunity to grieve, understand, and participate.


When the time is right to share the news regarding your adoption plan, speak from the heart and let them know that you are making this choice for the betterment of your future and the future of the baby.  Explain the positive aspects of adoption and how the adoptive parents will care for the child and provide them with a loving home. This is your opportunity to be completely honest with your family and tell them exactly how you are feeling. Allowing them to witness your vulnerability can show how much you respect and care for them. When explaining your adoption choice to your family, it’s also important to remember that everyone processes information differently. Some family members may take it better than others, and some may take longer to come to terms with your decision. Accepting that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to sensitive subjects may help your family to understand and accept your choice with more ease. Explaining your adoption choice to family members might feel intimidating. Some ways to make the conversation smoother and gentler include; beginning the conversation with a positive statement, such as “I wanted to let you know that I’ve lovingly made a decision to place my baby for adoption and I am working with an adoption office”. Share the details of your adoption plan and your reasons and rationale for your decision. Try to be open and reassure your family that you are making an informed decision, that you are in a safe and healthy environment, and you are getting the support you need. Encourage them to ask questions about private adoption and making an adoption plan. This may educate your family and friends about adoption and instill confidence regarding your adoption choice.


Some family members and/or friends may not be supportive of your adoption plan. If they begin to express negative opinions, it’s best to remain calm and not let their opinions negatively affect you. It’s also important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If a family member or friend is not supportive of your adoption choice, rather than argue, reassure them that you understand their thoughts and feelings, but will continue with your adoption journey. Offering to provide additional adoption information and education may help as well.

Making the choice to pursue adoption for your baby can be a difficult and emotional decision. It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your family members about your adoption choice. Transparency will provide an opportunity to understand the reasons behind your decision, grieve if they need to, and show their support. Remember that you are making this choice for yourself and your baby. If you or a loved one are pregnant and considering adoption for your baby, reach out to Building Arizona Families, a private adoption agency is Arizona.


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