Pregnant? Call or Text: 623.695.4112
Serving Pregnant Women Statewide With a Local Office Located in: Phoenix, Arizona
Adoptive Parents Call: 623.936.4729 or 800.340.9665

Taking the first step when you are pregnant doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, and we do our best to make sure it’s not. Pregnant women call, text or email our 24 hour line at (623)695-4112 and get an immediate response. We understand that immediate answers are necessary, when big decisions are being made. Support, experience, and assistance can be provided right away because we provide unplanned pregnancy help. We understand and appreciate that there are alternatives to abortion. We would love to assistant every pregnant woman considering abortion, make an adoption plan, thereby helping her place her baby for adoption.

We are a local adoption agency, who is also non-profit. Our agency understands every aspect of adoption, has employees that are members of the adoption triad. We provide transportation to our office for any pregnant woman who is considering adoption and want to learn more about options in adoption (like the difference between an open adoption or closed adoption) and as an agency, how we can help. We do same day appointments, also accommodating night and weekend requests.

When a woman arrives at our office, we have adoption specialists who understand the emotions, confidentiality, and privacy surround an adoption choice. We understand that circumstances surrounding an adoption choice are personal and empathy is paramount. When pregnant woman decides to proceed with her adoption choice and create an adoption plan, we join her in her adoption journey.

We help pregnant women understand adoption options, the adoption paperwork, and the adoption process. Together, our adoption specialist and the pregnant woman complete the adoption intake paperwork, explaining which paperwork is completed and signed when. Questions are answered through the intake and time is taken, as needed. We always understand the imperative need of trust, respect and urgency.

During the intake, financial needs are assessed. There is never a fee or cost to a pregnant woman wanting to place her baby for adoption. We can help financially with living expenses; such as rent, a cell phone, bus pass, food, and clothing and in other areas related to being pregnant, as needed. Our agency always follows the Arizona State Statutes outlining Adoption Law. We work very closely with our Attorney to make sure every adoption form, every requirement, and every affidavit is completed and filed as outlined by law.


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