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When a woman finds out she is pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy, a wave of emotions, questions, and fears will rise. However, if considering abortion, asking this powerful question can save the world for both you and your baby. Are there other options? Someone who can help?  If I can’t parent right now, how do I give my baby up for adoption in Arizona?

If you are asking, we are here to help! We are available by phone or text 24/7/365 to answer any questions you have about adoption and alternatives to abortion.  We can also provide practical help like safe housing, food, medical care, and transportation.  If you choose adoption for your baby, we will walk you through every step of your journey. 

We will be there through your pregnancy and afterwards as well.  For example, leaving the hospital after you give up your baby for adoption can seem scary and hard, but we will help you every step of the way. When it is time to leave the hospital, you won’t be alone, and you will be okay!

Strength – Courage – Belief – Support – Acceptance

How do I give my baby up for adoption in ArizonaSo many times, I have been asked the question “How does a mother walk away from her baby at the hospital?”.  My response is always the same: strength, courage, belief, support, and acceptance.  Without these values and mindsets, it would not be possible.  As an Arizona adoption agency, it is our job to assist you in:

  1. Finding your core strength
  2. Believing in your courage
  3. Educating you to make great decisions about: 
    • Your adoption plan 
    • The adoptive family you choose
    • The Post Adoption Communication Agreement 
  4. Allow yourself to receive support
    • Emotional
    • Financial
  5. Acceptance of where you are in life and what needs to happen for your baby and yourself so you both can have the life that you want. 

What Happens At The Hospital After I Give My Baby Up For Adoption In Arizona?

How do I give my baby up for adoption in ArizonaWe believe that having the right information helps take away the fear.  For many women, the next question is – “When it’s time for hospital discharge, what happens?”.  Most of the time, the adoptive parents and the birth mother have spent time together at the hospital.  It is essential for you to see the adoptive family with the baby. It will bring you peace in the future knowing that your baby will be well taken care of and loved to the moon and back.  

When it’s time for discharge, most birth mothers want to be discharged at the same time as the baby.  If this is possible, sometimes the birth mother will stay with the baby and the adoptive parents until she is ready to be wheeled to her transportation. Other times goodbye is said privately in the hospital room, and both the birth mother and the baby physically leave at the same time.  

Because we do a hospital plan before going to the hospital to deliver, everything is already laid out as to how you want things to happen.  It is very important for any birth mother not to leave empty-handed, so a vase of flowers or a teddy bear is usually sitting on her lap.  Saying goodbye is always hard, but you will be prepared. You will have had counseling, and you will have a plan in place for your life as well as your baby’s life.  In addition, you are really saying, “See you later.”

Every Birth Mother Is A Hero When They Ask Themselves, “How Do I Give My Baby Up For Adoption In Arizona?”

How do I give my baby up for adoption in ArizonaIn my opinion, every birth mother is the epitome of a superhero with supernatural powers.  She turns into the “Incredible Hulk” with her strength, “Batman” with her source of bravery and courage, all the while staying “Wonder Woman” through her extreme truthfulness and love.  Yes, saying goodbye and leaving the hospital is incredibly hard, but you can do this, and you will be okay!  Understand, you will be prepared for everything that will happen.  Most importantly, believe in yourself and your adoption plan.

If you are considering adoption and asking yourself, “How do I give my baby up for adoption in Arizona?”, Building Arizona Families is a local Arizona adoption agency that can help! We are available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112.  We can make an immediate appointment with you to get started on creating an Arizona adoption plan. Visit us HERE to find out more information about our local Arizona adoption agency, or introduce yourself to us HERE. 

We look forward to meeting you and walking alongside you through your adoption journey!

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