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Pregnant women considering adoption may not know how the adoption process works and often believe that creating an Arizona adoption plan is harder than it really is. Hopefully, by reading more about adoption, you will learn if adoption is right for you!  

Birth Mothers Ask Common Questions About Creating an Arizona Adoption Plan 

For pregnant women considering adoption, we have identified ten commonly asked questions that birthmothers ask about creating an Arizona adoption plan.  (In this blog, we will only speak on behalf of our adoption agency, Building Arizona Families, as state and agency law and policies may differ.)

1 .“If I call an agency, does that mean I am committed to doing an adoption?”

No, you are welcome to call to find out more information about adoption. You have a right to receive education before making a decision. You can even make an appointment to come in and speak with an adoption specialist and none of these things commit you to an adoption. 

2. “Are there fees I have to pay?”

No, you will not pay any fees. All of our adoption services are free to pregnant women considering adoption. All of the expenses are paid for by the adoptive family.

3. “What if I have other children?”

Many women choosing adoption for their unborn baby have other children. Having other children does not affect your ability to choose adoption for this child.

4. “Who picks the adoptive family for my baby?” 

You will get to choose the adoptive family for your baby. We have families both in the state of Arizona as well as across the United States waiting to be selected.

5. “Are these families background checked?”

All adoptive families registered with our agency have completed an adoption home study. In the adoption home study, families are required to complete fingerprint background checks, Child Protective Clearances,
prove financial, emotional, and physical stability, as provide personal references that address their ability to be good parents. Additionally, every adoptive family has a social worker come inspect their home on two separate occasions to make sure that it meets the requirements to adopt. 

6. “When do I sign the final paperwork?”

During the Arizona adoption plan process, you will be signing paperwork throughout your pregnancy. However, in the State of Arizona, you will not sign the Consent for Adoption until 72 hours after your baby is born.

7. “What if I have placed a child for adoption before?”

Other women who are working with us have placed a baby before. If you have placed a baby with us prior to this pregnancy, we will ask you if you would like us to reach out to the same adoptive family as before and see if they would like to adopt this baby as well.

8. “Can I choose what type of adoption I would like and how much contact I want with the adoptive family?”

Yes, we offer both open and closed adoptions. We encourage open adoption but understand that open adoption is not everyone’s choice, as sometimes there are circumstances in which a woman may feel that closed adoption is more appropriate for her and her baby.

9. “Can the father of my baby be involved in the adoption process?”

Yes, of course, we always welcome birth fathers to be a part of the adoption process if the opportunity is right!

10. “Will I be able to receive financial assistance with my living expenses during my pregnancy?”

Yes, if you qualify for assistance with living expenses, we can help you with housing, food, medical bills, a cell phone, maternity clothing, and transportation to and from your pregnancy-related appointments.

Arizona Adoption Plan

Building Arizona Families Offers Support During and After Your Pregnancy 

You may have many, more questions, but don’t worry – we have answers!!! Call or text us at (623) 695-4112 or email us at whenever you are ready.

Choosing adoption means choosing an option with support, aftercare, and access to financial resources, learn more at AZ Pregnancy Help, HERE. Adoption is a beautiful choice and one that is increasingly becoming a more popular choice. If you are pregnant and are considering creating an Arizona adoption plan, we are a licensed, full-service, non-profit Arizona adoption agency. We believe in adoption aftercare services and have a program on-site to provide continued support through the Donna K. Evans Foundation. You can contact us 24/7 at (623) 695-4112. You are not alone, and we want to help. Thank you for considering adoption. You are making an amazing choice!

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