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Giving Up a Baby for Adoption – Journaling the Journey

Life is a journey, one that has ups and downs like a roller coaster and it may be wished that steady and straight would be a more secure ride through life. An unplanned pregnancy can absolutely throw anyone for a loop, regardless of what your life was like five...

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Placing Your Baby for Adoption is Courageous, Even Heroic

What Birth Mothers Wish Everyone Knew (And Believed) Birth Mothers like you need to be able to voice your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. I am not speaking for you - only on your behalf. Your beautiful choice of adoption needs to be understood and...

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Abortion Alternatives for Unplanned Pregnancies

You are NOT alone. Unplanned pregnancies happen for many reasons. They include not using contraception, contraception failures, rape, and various other reasons. Many women need unplanned pregnancy help. Having an unplanned pregnancy does not have to be the end of the...

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Choosing the Right Adoption Agency

When a pregnant woman has decided that adoption is the best choice for her and her baby, it is important that she chooses an agency that is a good match for her. Needing unplanned pregnancy help can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are alternatives...

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First Steps for a Pregnant Woman Considering Adoption

Taking the first step when you are pregnant doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, and we do our best to make sure it’s not. Pregnant women call, text or email our 24 hour line at (623)695-4112 and get an immediate response. We understand that immediate answers are...

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