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First Steps for a Pregnant Woman Considering Adoption

Taking the first step when you are pregnant doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, and we do our best to make sure it’s not. Pregnant women call, text or email our 24 hour line at (623)695-4112 and get an immediate response. We understand that immediate answers are...

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Opportunities in Adoption

Adoption is open-ended and is accompanied by numerous options and opportunities (many of which are not commonly known) for women that are having an unplanned pregnancy, and find them. With our agencies; AZ Pregnancy Help and Building Arizona Families we believe in...

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The Mind of a Birth Mother

  Often times, people assume they understand what someone who is pregnant with an adoption plan is going through; they may have watched an MTV Reality TV Show, read an article online, or heard about a friend through a friend. A birth mother always has her own unique...

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Adoption ~ The Untold Truth (Part 1)

Preconceived notions can be the death of an entity, decision or plan. I have always maintained, an open mind leads to an open heart. People around us love to share their opinion and regardless of whether or not their opinion is fact-based, their resolution is. The...

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The Road Less Traveled

As the Executive Director of the Agency, I meet with each and every birth mother that comes into our agency. These brave women are choosing the road less traveled, so they can make sure their unborn child has the life they want their child to have. I started meeting...

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Strong Women

Adoption is a big decision, it’s a choice that can feel overwhelming and mind boggling. An unplanned pregnancy can be life-changing and full of mixed emotions. Excitement, fear, relief, panic, curiosity, anxiety, depression and every other possible emotion flood...

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