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Unplanned Pregnancy in Arizona – Is There an Upside?

Women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona often wonder if there is an upside for them. Adoption seems to benefit the adoptive family and the baby, but what about you, the biological mother? Going through nine months of pregnancy, dealing with all of the...

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“How Do You Know A Family Will Want To Adopt My Baby?”

After 15 years, I still choose to be the one who answers the birth mother intake phone line. I receive phone calls, texts, and emails at all times of the day and night every single day.  Many are from pregnant women who are considering adoption but ask me, “Will a...

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We Support the Arizona Adoption Plan That You Believe In

Women who come into our office often ask why adoption is not as frequently discussed as abortion.  They ask why it’s harder to find out about adoption and why more pregnant women aren’t choosing adoption over abortion.  These are really important questions, and the...

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