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Unlike closed adoptions, open adoptions allow birth mothers many choices throughout your adoption plan.

Open adoption will allow you to:

  • Choose your child’s adoptive parents
  • Decide how you want things to go at the hospital
  • Remain in contact with the adoptive family in the future


In an open adoption, you can choose the adoptive parents you feel would be the best fit for your baby.  Modern, open adoption puts you in control of planning.  It gives you the power to make the important decision of who will raise your baby. You can browse for families with all kinds of criteria. For example, you might wish to place your baby with a couple on the East Coast or perhaps a family with no children is what you’re seeking. These choices afford you the ability to be in control and stay in control.

With open adoption, you’re in control of just about everything, and including your delivery and hospital stay. You and your adoption case manager create a hospital plan that allows the adoptive family and the hospital staff, to understand how you would like for your hospital stay to go. Having your hospital plan prepared before you go into labor allows everyone, especially you, to concentrate on your labor and delivery and the birth of your baby.

In an open adoption you can ask for pictures, letters and even visits with your child. This allows you to see your child happy and thriving and feel reassured about what an amazing choice you made!  Remaining in contact with the adoptive family maintains the connection with them and your baby!

If you think we may be the best agency for you, the best thing to do is to call or text our 24/7 days a week phone number at 623-695-4112.   We are here to answer any additional questions you may have and can schedule an appointment at our office with one of our adoption specialists.  Additionally, we can provide transportation to our office located off the I-17 and Northern, where we can begin assisting you with your adoption plan.





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