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When you are pregnant and have chosen to place your baby for adoption in Arizona, a licensed adoption agency is the best choice for support during your pregnancy and after. Adoption is a beautiful choice, and you have made a decision that will be an incredible blessing to your baby, an adoptive family and yourself! Adoption is absolutely the best alternative to abortion! Your baby has an opportunity to live a beautiful life, and you have the opportunity to move forward and build a positive future for yourself. As a licensed adoption agency, Building Arizona Families is committed to providing the resources you need during your pregnancy and afterward, and all at no cost to you.

Feeling Comfortable Meeting An Adoptive Family For The First Time

In creating an adoption plan, as the birth mother, you will be deciding what criteria are essential to you in choosing an adoptive family for your baby. These criteria include family structure, religion, location, belief systems, extended family involvement or maybe even whether there are already children in the home. Building Arizona Families will provide family profiles for you to review that match the criteria you are looking for.

Placing baby for adoption in ArizonaSometimes birth mothers look through profiles quickly and weed out the ones they feel no connection with right away. They then focus on the ones in the “maybe” pile. Other times birth mothers look at every word on every page of each profile presented to them. In my experience, most birth mothers feel an instant connection with a specific family. Regardless of the system or emotional connection by which an adoptive family is chosen, the choice is yours. At the end of the process, one family profile is selected. In my experience, most birth mothers feel an instant connection with a specific family.

Feeling Comfortable with Open Communication

My recommendation is that if you are considering open adoption and are willing to get to know the adoptive family- do so! Find out everything – from what color the nursery is going to be, if they celebrate Christmas – and what their family traditions are. Find out what their daily lives look like and what their hopes and dreams are.

The more you learn about the family you chose, the more comfortable you will be in the hospital during labor, and the more confident you will feel after the baby is born.

Staying in Touch with the Adoptive Family

If a family lives out of state, your adoption specialist or social worker may be able to arrange a phone call, Skype or Facetime with you and the adoptive family, as well as facilitate these calls with you. Sometimes an in-state adoptive family can attend some doctor appointments with you, for instance, ultrasounds if you are willing. If your adoptive family lives in-state, you can also request that your adoption specialist / social worker can schedule meetings during your pregnancy to facilitate building a relationship. It is always recommended to have your adoption worker present for all communication between the adoptive family and you before placing a baby for adoption in Arizona, which is why a local adoption agency like Building Arizona Families is a great choice!

When the time comes to meeting the adoptive family you chose for the first time; whether it is on the phone, Skype, Facetime or in-person, it is normal to be nervous. You may fear that the adoptive family may judge you or may not like you. Don’t worry! The adoptive family will be more nervous than you are!

The adoptive family may have waited years to be chosen by a birth mother to begin their family, and they want you to like them. They are going to be worried about saying the wrong thing or saying something to make you change your mind about choosing them. Trust your gut instincts and understand that it is okay if you and your adoptive family don’t agree on every single topic. Likely there will be more commonalities than not and try to focus on those. You are giving them the best gift in the world, and they are so grateful for you. When you meet them, be yourself. In an open adoption, you will be a part of their lives, and they will be a part of yours for as long as you both allow.

Always Be Yourself

Placing baby for adoption in ArizonaYes, it is normal to want to dress nice, do your hair and makeup and look your best. Dressing up is a good way for you to feel more confident. Write a list of questions you have on a notepad. This will help you not forget to ask anything important in case you get nervous and don’t know what to ask or talk about. Understand that the adoptive family is very nervous too, so give them grace when they speak too fast or ask you to repeat a question or trip over their words.

Every conversation and visit will become more comfortable, and yes, one day they will feel like friends or extended family members. Your adoption worker will be a great source of support, fill in any silent gaps and assist you in becoming comfortable while placing a baby for adoption in Arizona.

We Are Here to Help Anyone Place a Baby for Adoption in Arizona

Birth mothers come in all ages, from teen pregnancies to women becoming pregnant in their forties. Everyone has their own reason for choosing adoption, and as a local adoption agency in Arizona, I can assure you; judgment is never an issue. Adoption specialists are a part of the adoption world because they believe in adoption.

Unplanned pregnancy help is available to you through Building Arizona Families is a local adoption agency in Arizona. We provide practical support like food, clothing, medical care, transportation, and sometimes even housing, all at no charge to you. We will walk beside you while placing a baby for adoption in Arizona and provide follow up support for you afterward.

Building Arizona Families would be honored to help you create an Arizona adoption plan as well as find a family for your baby. We are available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112. Or visit us HERE to introduce yourself and let us know how we can help you.

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