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Have you asked yourself, “Who should adopt my baby?” Are you looking for a wonderful adoptive family? If you have chosen to make an adoption plan, there are stages and steps in an adoption plan that are generally universal. Choosing an adoptive family is one of those adoption steps. It is a big step and one that deserves a lot of attention, thought, and soul-searching.

Adoptive Family Profiles Help Birth Parents Find the Right Family

If you are a birth parent – a birth father or birth mother, you may ask yourself:

  • How could I possibly choose an adoptive family that will be right to adopt my baby?
  • How did I get myself into this position? 
  • Why am I looking at families when I want to be the one to raise my baby?
  • How will I know which family is the “right” family to adopt my baby?

With our adoption agency (I can only speak on behalf of our agency, Building Arizona Families), we gather preferences from the birth parents and adoptive parents and match them accordingly. 

We have a designated person whose job is to pull profiles that coordinate preferences for birth parents to choose from. Ideally, the magic number in my opinion is 3-5 profiles. More than five adoptive family profiles can be overwhelming, and less than three leave a birth family with questions as to why there are so few family profiles. 

Adopt My Baby

Adoptive family profiles usually are presented in the form of a profile book, compiled by the adoptive family as a manner to introduce themselves, their lives, their family and their loves, likes, and lifestyle. Sometimes a PDF will be presented if their “Profile Book” is not finished yet. Sometimes the “right family’s” adoptive family profile will jump out at you, and you will “just know”. If there are no adoptive family profiles that jump out at you, you can go through the process of elimination until you find the “right family.”

After choosing an adoptive family profile, we allow our birth parents to keep the profile. If both parties are open and wanting communication, we set up a phone call or meeting with you and the adoptive family. Most birth parents feel a sense of relief after they have chosen an adoptive family. Hopefully, you will as well. 

Adopt My Baby

AZ Pregnancy Help Can Help You Answer Your Question, “Who Should Adopt My Baby?”

Choosing the right adoption agency means choosing one that offers support, aftercare, and access to financial resources. Building Arizona Families offers all three of these resources for birth mothers. 

Adoption is a beautiful choice and one that is increasingly becoming a more popular choice. If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, we are a licensed, full-service, non-profit Arizona Adoption Agency. We believe in adoption aftercare services and have a program on-site to provide continued support through the Donna K. Evans Foundation. You can contact us 24/7 at (623) 695-4112. You are not alone, and we want to help. Thank you for considering adoption, you are making a positive, life changing choice for both you and your baby! Call or text AZ Pregnancy Help: (623) 695-4112.

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