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When you’re pregnant and placing a child for adoption, you may experience many emotional moments. Perhaps one of the most complicated may be ultrasound appointments.

Ultrasounds are important to have throughout your pregnancy to ensure that the baby is developing and growing normally.  Ultrasounds can provide information regarding the health of an unborn baby.

When you are considering adoption, ultrasounds can come with an extra layer of emotion. Preparing ahead of time can be extremely helpful.

Listed below are some important feelings you may want to prepare for and remember:

  • Disbelief or Shock– It can be shocking to see evidence of your pregnancy on the ultrasound screen. It’s completely normal to feel numb or be in disbelief about your pregnancy. If you’ve distanced yourself from the reality of your pregnancy, your ultrasound may hit you hard. Take the time you need to process and accept the pregnancy.
  • Grief or SadnessPlacing a child for adoption may trigger feelings of loss, and sadness is a normal and common feeling. The feeling of sadness may intensify during your ultrasounds.
  • Worry or Concern- Sometimes an ultrasound may indicate that there is something wrong with the baby. Maybe more tests will be ordered and you may be worried that an adoptive family (future or one you have already been matched with) will be concerned about moving forward with your adoption match.  Discuss this with your adoption case manager and try to delay too much worry or concern until you have answers.


If ultrasound appointments evoke emotions that are tough to deal with, reach out to your adoption Counselor or Case Manger to help you through these tough emotions.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, a licensed adoption agency is an amazing option. We are an Arizona Adoption Agency who can meet with you face to face, hold your hand when needed, and can remain with you throughout your pregnancy. Building Arizona Families is a licensed private adoption agency that can walk with you every step of the way and we understand how stressful an unplanned pregnancy can be. Call or Text 24/7 623-695-4112.

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