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Adoption is a very rewarding experience, however go into the process knowing this is going to be difficult. Please know that no amount of support can completely wipe away any difficult feelings you may experience. For pregnant women considering adoption, adoption counseling and support services can sometimes help ease any rough feelings you may experience. Wherever you are in your adoption journey, know that if you are experiencing emotional difficulties, you are not alone. You are entitled to adoption counseling services, which can be beneficial in a numerous ways.

Here are a few benefits of working with an adoption counselor:

  • Your adoption counselor can help guide you through the adoption process. From helping you communicate with the adoptive family for your child, to referring you to medical and legal resources, your counselor and case manager will be there through every step of your adoption process. They can be a great resource for helping you make decisions about your adoption and hospital plan. Aside from emotional counseling and support, your counselor can help coordinate the various services you’ll need before, during and after the adoption.
  • Your adoption counselor can help you process feelings of loss and grief. Adoption will be joyous and fulfilling, not only for adoptive families, but also for you and your child. At the same time, birth parents often experience feelings of loss and grief. Everyone processes these feelings differently, and your counselor can help you work through your grieving process in a healthy, healing way.
  • Your adoption counselor can provide post-placement support. Even after the adoption, your counselor and case manager will provide ongoing guidance and assistance with many needs.



If you think we may be the best agency for you, the best thing to do is to call or text our 24/7 days a week phone number at 623-695-4112.   We will answer any additional questions you may have and can schedule an appointment at our office with one of our adoption specialists.  Additionally, we can provide transportation to our office located off the I-17 and Northern, where we can begin assisting you with your adoption plan.


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