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Adoption can be a beautiful and life-changing experience for both the birth and adoptive parents. Adoption can feel like a complicated process, with a lot of paperwork, complex emotions, and difficult decisions. That’s why it’s so important to have an adoption support system in place – both before, during and after the adoption. If you’re considering private adoption in Arizona, there are various support system entities available to you. Adoption centers or agencies, and adoption attorneys can all help you navigate the process and make sure that it goes smoothly. But what about the birth parents? What kind of support do they need? In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of an adoption support system for birth mothers and birth fathers.


Adoption support systems are intended to provide help and guidance to birth parents and adoptive parents throughout a private adoption process. Support may be found in the form of adoption agencies, adoption social workers, adoption attorneys, family members and/or friends who are in support of your adoption plan. The purpose of a support system is to assist you to help make the process smoother and less stressful for everyone involved. Feeling supported can assist you emotionally or educationally, providing legal advice, connecting adoptive and birth parents with each other, and providing counseling or emotional support to help all parties adjust to the changes that come with adoptive parenting. Some adoption support systems found in an adoption office may provide post-adoption services, such as contact and support for the birth parent and adoptive parent for years after the adoption is finalized.


Adoption support systems are important for birth parents, who may be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. For birth mothers and birth fathers, having a support system in place is additionally important because it may provide an opportunity for birth parents to talk about their feelings and connect with people who have gone through the same experience.  Birth parents connecting with other birth parents, may offer insight and/or advice. This can be an invaluable resource during the adoption process.

There may be times where adoption may feel overwhelming for adoptive parents.  The goal of having a support system for adoptiveparents is to assist them with their adoption plan and provide confidence and emotional support.  A support system may guide adoptive through the legal process, give them access to counseling and other resources, and provide a safe space to ask questions and share their experiences. Being able to share the emotions that may come with adoption may be extremely beneficial, helping to assist in the reduction of anxiety and stress.

Adoption support systems provide a variety of benefits to all parties involved. For birth parents, it may help make the adoption process feel smoother and less stressful. It may provide an opportunity to connect with other birth parents, ask questions, and feel a connection from another birth parent. For adoptive parents, an adoption support system may give them the confidence, clarity and reassurance needed to navigate the adoption process. The goal of an adoption support system provides resources needed to make decisions, provide access to advice and insight from other adoptive parents and birth parents. Adoption support also has the potential to strengthen the connection between adoptive and birth parents. This can be especially helpful if open adoption is an option.

Adoption may be a lengthy and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. With a solid adoption support system in place, you may feel more confident and supported throughout the process.  Regardless of what type of support you are receiving: an adoption group, counseling, an adoption agency or center, family or friends or legal advice, having a support system in place may bring you more comfort and clarity throughout your adoption journey. As an adoption agency in Arizona, we know firsthand the value and importance of an adoption support system.


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