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Choosing to pursue an adoption journey can be an emotional journey for any pregnant woman. The process of adoption can be wrought with a myriad of decisions and emotions. Yet, despite the challenge, many pregnant women who chose the adoption path find a sense of peace and satisfaction in knowing that they are giving their child a chance at a better life. For pregnant women living in Arizona, the adoption agency Building Arizona Families, (or BAF, as we call ourselves) provides pregnant women with the resources, support, and guidance/counseling needed to navigate the complex and often emotionally challenging process.

Our goal of this blog is to provide an understanding of the feelings of a birth mother (pregnant woman) may experience and how BAF can provide continual support to help her throughout her adoption journey.  The feelings among pregnant women those who choose adoption may differ.  One birth mother may feel that the positive outcome of providing their child with a home, love and care from an adoptive family may make adoption the best choice for her and her child.  Another birth mother may experience a mix of emotions, including fear, guilt, joy and/or loss. Regardless, the decision to place one’s child for adoption is one of the bravest and most unselfish acts a parent can make. Despite any potential difficulty of their adoption decision, many birth parents ultimately choose adoption to provide the best potential outcomes for their child.

Adoption can be an incredibly powerful experience that is often life-changing for generations of families.  Every person involved in the adoption process; the birth family, the adoptive family and/or the adoptee may experience a wide range of emotional responses, including feelings of love, loss, gratitude, guilt, and more. While the adoption journey for the adoptive and birth families may differ, they may both find that adoption can be an incredibly powerful and profound experience that may affect everyone in the adoption triad in unique ways.

Adoption is a beautiful process that can be both emotional and rewarding. While it can be challenging to think about giving up a child, many birth mothers find that the benefits and joy it can bring to the child and the adoptive parents, far outweigh any negative feelings or emotions. Building Arizona Families assists birth mothers by providing them with unrestricted counseling, helping them step-by-step through the adoption process, and (when eligible) financially assisting with living expenses. By offering a comprehensive suite of resources and support, Building Arizona Families can help birth mothers in making a well-informed decision, while providing them with social and emotional support throughout the adoption process.

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