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Adoption is a beautiful choice for women experiencing unplanned and crisis pregnancies in AZ. Adoption is a respectable choice and one that a woman can be proud of, one that promotes the life of the unborn and values human life. Our local adoption agency strives to help any woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy in Arizona.

 “Abortion is anti-woman. Three-quarters of its victims are women: half the babies and all the mothers.” Mother Theresa

Abortion in the News and the Changes Being Made

Adoption does not garner as much attention in the news as abortion because it is not considered a “controversial” topic.  Adoption is not focused on in political debates. Many states are taking proactive legislative measures that protect the life of the unborn. When a state takes proactive steps to change abortion laws, two things happen – the potential to protect the lives of newborns occurs, and the positive legislation can impact pro-life legislation in other states. Three states have taken significant steps to protect the lives of vulnerable unborn babies: Ohio, Utah, and Mississippi.  

In Ohio, a Republican State Representative has introduced legislation that would ban abortion in nearly all cases if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Under the House Bill 538, abortions would be outlawed in the state if Roe v. Wade is reversed, except in cases where the procedure is necessary to prevent the death of a pregnant woman or “serious risk of the substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman.” The legislation does not include exceptions in cases of rape and incest.

In Utah, a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound and hear the sound of their baby’s heartbeat before an abortion earned the approval of the Utah House. Republican Representative Stephen Christiansen said the bill is meant to provide would-be mothers with the best medical information possible when deciding whether to terminate a pregnancy. 

In Mississippi, a bill has been introduced to prohibit abortions being performed because of race, sex, or genetic abnormality, citing anti-discrimination laws and a recent opinion of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. House Bill 1295, the Life Equality Act of 2020, passed through a House committee on March 3rd and will soon be proposed to the state’s House of Representatives. Under current Mississippi law, abortions are legal until 20 weeks of pregnancy. Mississippi does require minors seeking an abortion to receive permission from a parent or judge. Additionally, there is also a 24-hour waiting period after the request for the abortion.

Arizona Crisis Pregnancy

You Before Me Campaign Helps Women Experiencing Crisis Pregnancies in AZ

Remember, there are alternatives to abortion, and if you are dealing with an unplanned crisis pregnancy in Arizona and want more information about adoption, we are a local Arizona adoption agency, visit us HERE. We are available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112. We can make an immediate appointment with you to get started on creating an Arizona adoption plan or answers any questions you have. Or introduce yourself to us online, HERE. Be educated about your unplanned pregnancy choice and alternatives to abortion in Arizona – your baby is counting on you! 

With adoption, you are never alone, choose life. #youbeforeme

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