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When choosing to place a baby for adoption, countless emotions, thoughts, and fears can consume your mind. During your adoption journey, you will undoubtedly experience a wide range of emotions.  It’s important to know that you are not alone, and that the roller coaster ride of emotions is normal. 

Birth mothers who come to Building Arizona Family to place their unborn baby for adoption find the emotional and financial support they need to navigate successfully through their crisis pregnancy. When we help you create an adoption plan for you and your baby, there are people ready to support you. A birth mother never “gives up” anything when choosing adoption for her baby.  She gains a new circle of supporters and friends because she is selflessly choosing a life full of hugs, laughter, and stability for her child. 

Emotions Run High During Adoption Journeys, but the Journeys are Beautiful 

You may be feeling things like-

  • “I feel like I want to keep my baby and parent, but I am not in a good place in my life.”
  • “ I really love my baby, and I want to be a mom, but I don’t know if I am ready. “
  • “ I can’t I financially can afford a baby.” 
  • “I am not done with my education, I don’t have a career, and I don’t…”
  • “But I want to keep my baby
  • “I am conflicted, I want my baby, but I am not ready. I don’t know what to do.”

These feelings are natural and understandable while deciding if you want to move forward with an Arizona adoption plan. If you are on the fence about making an adoption plan in Arizona, here are some suggestions:

  • Talk with family and friends.
  • Educate yourself about options regarding parenting and adoption.
  • Take some time to think about, the earlier you find out in your pregnancy that you are pregnant, the more time you have to make a decision.
  • Talk with an adoption agency and learn about the process.
  • Talk with a counselor.
  • Once you have made up your mind, let your choice sit with you for a bit and proceed with your plan.

Arizona Adoption Plan

Adoption Can be the Right Choice for You and Your Baby Even if it is a Hard Decision

An adoption choice can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice or the best choice for you and your baby. Being a mother doesn’t always equate to parenting. Sometimes life presents options and opportunities to walk in a new path, pave a new road that leads to choices, options, and opportunities that you may not have considered before. 

Adoption is a choice that is as old as time, biblical, and honorable. It is also a choice where you can receive support, emotionally, mentally, and possibly financially during and after your pregnancy.

An Arizona Adoption Plan Supports a Birth Mother During Her Pregnancy and After Birth 

Choosing adoption means choosing a beautiful option with support, aftercare, and access to financial resources. Adoption is a selfless decision and one that is increasingly becoming a more popular choice. If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, we are a licensed, full-service, non-profit Arizona Adoption Agency called Building Arizona Families. We believe in adoption aftercare services and have a program on-site to provide continued support through the Donna K. Evans Foundation. You can contact us 24/7 at (623) 695-4112 or introduce yourself to us online HERE. You are not alone, and we want to help. Thank you for considering adoption, you are making an amazing choice! Call or Text: (623) 695-4112.

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