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Some birth fathers may choose not to participate in the adoption plan for a variety of reasons. In this blog we are going to explore the reasons why.

These reasons may include:

  • Feelings of not being included in the adoption decision.
  • Feelings of not being ready to parent.
  • Feeling incapable of providing a safe and stable environment for their child.
  • Feelings of frustration that their own choices and actions have led them to a place where at this time in their life and parenting is not a viable option.


Although there may be many reasons why a birth father might not wish to participate in the adoption process, it is important to respect his feelings and opinions. Birth fathers want the best for their unborn baby and an adoption choice can be difficult, especially if a he is not familiar with adoption. Adoption professionals can assist you in this process and can assist a birth father in communicating his feelings and emotions. Additionally, adoption counseling can be beneficial for both a birth mother and a birth father. There can be situations where a birth father might feel rejected or dismissed by the adoptive parents, or even the birth mother. If the birth mother or adoptive parents don’t want the birth father involved in the adoption process, they may not include him or make decisions that are in direct contradiction of his wishes. This can cause feelings of frustration and rejection, making it more difficult for him to be involved in the adoption process.



Birth fathers have the right to participate in the adoption process and have input on the future of their child. State laws give birth fathers legal rights and they must be informed about the adoption process. Talking to an adoption professional such as Building Arizona Families, can help you understand the rights birth father’s have. They can help guide you through the adoption process and assist you in making the best decision for your child. Although adoption can be a difficult choice, remember that adoption is a selfless choice for a birth father or birth mother to make. Building Arizona Families/AZ Pregnancy Help is a local Arizona Adoption Agency. We are an adoption center that assists birth parents and adoptive parents in making an adoption plan. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy considering adoption, we are here for you.

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