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Sometimes pregnant women, experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, face a significant amount of emotional, physical, mental pressure and challenges when they put their baby up for adoption. Adoption is a beautiful and selfless one. It is important to remember that there are many options when making an “Adoption Plan.”  You can make an Adoption PlanYour Way.

When making an adoption plan, one important component is the “Post Adoption Communication Section.”  While, “Open Adoption” is the most common adoption choice, after delivery, sometimes why birth distance themselves after placing their baby for adoption to cope with their emotions. Additionally, after the adoption process is completed, birth mothers may begin to feel a sense of grief and loss. To escape uncomfortable and difficult emotions, some birth mothers may limit contact.

Building Arizona Families & AZ Pregnancy Help are committed to providing support to birth mothers throughout their pregnancy and after. Our adoption center offers counseling services, case management, community resource assistance, and as well as guidance on creating an adoption plan and post-adoption communication plan. A Post Adoption Communication Plan establishes a plan helps birth mothers and adoptive families establish communication and maintain contact based on mutual understanding and trust. When a birth mother chooses an open adoption and then struggles to maintain the originally agreed upon communication, we can help.

In conclusion, women facing an unplanned pregnancy need all the support and guidance as possible throughout the adoption process. Sometimes placing a baby for adoption may lead to processing and experiencing difficult emotions. Some birth mothers may choose to take a step back from the initial level of communication they had planned on.  When a birth mother is chooses to have less contact with the adoptive family, after they place their baby for adoption than they had originally planned on it may be temporary, there may be periods of times where birth mothers may not be as present in their post adoption communication. Find reassurance that a variation in the post adoption communication is not uncommon. It may change and evolve over the first few years and then stabilize.



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