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Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or a crisis pregnancy, may already be facing hardships. These hardships may include – unemployment, homelessness, and hunger. For women who are pregnant and need help, private adoption is a great choice to consider. While creating an adoption plan offers birth mother resources and a sense of peace having a plan, challenging roads may still lie ahead. These challenges can include choosing an adoptive family and developing a healthy and meaningful connection to the birthing process and everything along the way. Any journey we as human beings embark upon can be easier than having a partner to walk through it with. Private adoption may not be an exception. When placing a baby for adoption in Arizona, a birth mother benefits when the birth father is involved.

Reasons Birth Mothers May Choose to Include the Birth Father in the Adoption Process

Placing a Baby for Adoption in ArizonaBirth Mothers may choose to have the birth father included in the adoption process and plan for various reasons. One reason may be to assist them in finding comfort, peace, and validation in their adoption plan, even though they already believe adoption the best decision for their child. The birth father’s participation may help her feel more secure in her adoption plan and give her strength and courage throughout her adoption journey. Having a second person to share ideas with and provide their opinion is an additional reason a birth mother may choose to have a birth father included in her adoption plan. For example, during the Adoptive Parent Selection Process, a birth mother may be presented with multiple profile books of adoptive families. This may be overwhelming, and having another person to focus on what the birth mother wants in an adoptive family may help provide reassurance and peace of mind. Lastly, to have someone to lean on during pregnancy may give the birth mother the support needed to have a positive adoption experience. This could be a simple gesture like providing the sweets she is craving at 2 am to a more intensive gesture like holding her while she is emotional.

Support and Financial Assistance is Available When Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers are Placing a Baby for Adoption in Arizona

Placing a Baby for Adoption in ArizonaSometimes sharing intimate experiences with someone who you love brings comfort and peace, reassurance, and camaraderie. When a woman experiences a crisis pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy, having the birth father involved may also feel like the next step. They conceived the baby together – now they can go through their adoption journey together. For women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are new to the adoption world, having a partner to share their adoption journey may give them an additional sense of support.

Choosing adoption means choosing an option with support, aftercare, and access to financial resources. Adopting is a beautiful choice and is increasingly becoming a more popular choice as an alternative to abortion to save a baby’s life. If you are pregnant and are considering adoption, we are a licensed, full-service, non-profit Arizona Adoption Agency. We believe in adoption aftercare services and have a program on-site to provide continued support through the Donna K. Evans Foundation. You can contact us 24/7 at (623) 695-4112. You are not alone, and we want to help, learn more about how we support you HERE. Thank you for considering adoption. You are making an amazing choice! Call or Text: (623) 695-4112 or introduce yourself to us online HERE. We are here to support you!

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