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Positive Alternatives to Abortion in Arizona

Positive Alternatives to Abortion in Arizona – Let us Help With Unwanted Pregnancy Options!

Building Arizona Families offers positive alternatives to abortion in Arizona. Searching for unwanted pregnancy options in Arizona? We can help.  Are you homeless? Addicted?  In an abusive relationship? Just can’t be a parent right now?  We understand and don’t judge, but we can definitely help.  You can reach out to us 24/7/365 by text or phone at 623-404-0379.

Do you feel trapped by your circumstance? We have helped thousands of women who were in really terrible situations and needed unwanted pregnancy options.  Most of the women had no idea that positive alternatives to abortion in Arizona were available to them.   Adoption is a beautiful choice that women can feel proud of.  They courageously choose the gift of life and a bright future for their unborn child.  We support them every step of the way.  That means if you are living on the streets, we will come get you today.  We will support you during your pregnancy with housing if needed, food, clothing, transportation, access to medical care and counseling all at no cost to you.   And after your baby is placed for adoption, we don’t just forget about you.  We provide ongoing support to help you move forward into a positive future.  We will help you stay sober, get a job, go back to school, stay connected through counseling and support groups, and provide access to food and clothing through our foundation, The Donna K. Evans Foundation.

Why is Adoption a Positive Alternative to Abortion in Arizona?

Research tells us that women who choose abortion experience numerous post abortion side effects, including depression, remorse, infections, and even infertility.  Abortion is not free, the cost for an abortion ranges from $350 – $950 in the first trimester, and gets more expensive the later in the pregnancy the abortion is performed.

Adoption is free through Building Arizona Families, and includes months of practical and emotional support.   While not easy, choosing adoption gives women positive self-esteem, the reassurance of making a selfless choice, and protects against guilt, remorse and medical side effects of abortion.  We invite you to find out more about adoption as a positive alternative to abortion in Arizona.   You can download free info on adoption, and get additional information by filling out the web form HERE.

Rachel Had Multiple Abortions Before She Discovered Building Arizona Families

Rachel was a heroin addict and had six abortions.  She discovered she was pregnant and was planning on having another abortion.  A friend told her that Building Arizona Families provided positive alternatives to abortion in Arizona and that she should check it out.  Watch Rachel’s story, and stories of other women who made the courageous choice to give their babies the gift of life HERE.

Reach Out to Us Today

At Building Arizona Families, we believe our birth mothers are making a courageous, unselfish choice to give their babies the gift of life and a promising future.   We will walk with you during your pregnancy and after placing your baby with the adoptive family.  Building Arizona Families is an Arizona based adoption agency that has been serving women looking for unwanted pregnancy options for over two decades.  We are licensed, non-profit, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  If you are struggling with a crisis pregnancy, please don’t wait.  Remember you can reach out 24/7/365 and we will be there to help.  Call or text 623-404-0379 or fill out the form to get started HERE.

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