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Discovering you are pregnant when you were not expecting or planning to be can be overwhelming. Experiencing a myriad of emotions is completely normal, as is researching all of your options. One minute you are excited, the next minute you may feel terrified or sad. This is a result of this unexpected circumstance, new hormones, and your current life situation. It’s important to take a deep breath and know that there are positive solutions to a difficult situation.  You have time to make a plan that can bring you peace.  If you are unable to be a parent right now, placing a baby for adoption in Arizona can be a very positive solution and one that offers tremendous support for you.

Building Arizona Families Values and Celebrates a Birth Mother’s Selfless Heart

Placing Baby for Adoption in ArizonaIt is true – choosing adoption can be difficult. Carrying a baby for nine months and then placing a baby for adoption in Arizona with another family may seem  unimaginable. However, you have something in common with every woman who has walked this path before you. She, too, has stories, secrets, and dreams that people may not be aware of. She may not be in a stable financial position, in a safe relationship, or have family support or access to resources. She may not have a place to call “home,” know where her next meal is coming from or have the ability to seek medical care.  And, like you, she chose to put her baby’s life above her own, to give her baby the gift of life and a bright future.

An adoption choice is a deeply personal one and should always remain a personal one; it’s an incredibly respectable choice women have been making since biblical times. A woman who has chosen adoption has chosen life, and her courage should be celebrated and valued. And please know that when placing a baby for adoption in Arizona, we will walk with you through your journey and afterward.  You will not have to face this alone.

Every woman who chooses adoption has her own story. Some choose to share their story, while others don’t. An adoption choice is never an easy choice, but we assist birth mothers with counseling, case management, support, and emotional support. We understand that before you can choose an adoptive family, you need shelter, food, clothing, a support system, and proper medical care. We appreciate the analogy of the airplane and the oxygen mask- a woman must put her own oxygen mask on before she can assist another.

Building Arizona Families is There for You When Placing a Baby for Adoption in Arizona

Placing Baby for Adoption in ArizonaThe heart of a birth mother is like no other – it’s loving another human enough to put aside your wants and needs to provide a great life for your child. You will always remain a mother to your child. The love you have for your child never lessens or is replaced; it just continues to grow forever. We understand because some of the people working at Building Arizona Families were adopted, others have adopted children, and some have placed babies for adoption. We all believe in you and your courageous choice.

Our agency is unique in that we have a food pantry and a maternity closet accessible to our birth mothers. We also assist our birth mothers with locating and using available state resources. We have been helping Arizona birth mothers who need financial help and emotional support with placing a baby for adoption in Arizona for over a decade and will make sure you have the help you need.

You are not alone. We are here to help you, visit us HERE. Call or text anytime to speak to an adoption specialist – (623) 695-4112.

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