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Women who find themselves struggling with a crisis pregnancy sometimes just need a compassionate and confidential person to talk to about their situation.  Every woman who comes to our local adoption agency is provided such a person in the form of a case manager.  Case managers at Building Arizona Families provide a positive support system, which may not be the same experience women have had with other social service agencies like a probation officer or case manager assigned by the Dept. of Child Safety.  You will LOVE your case manager.  Our case managers may also be referred to as Adoption Specialists, Case Workers, Birth Parent Counselor or Social Workers.  Our case managers can assist with many different aspects of managing a crisis pregnancy through the adoption process.       

How Case Managers at Our Local Adoption Agency Help in the Adoption Journey

Adoption Case Workers assist pregnant women with the following aspects of their adoption journey:

  • Completing adoption paperwork
  • Transporting you to your doctors’ appointments
  • Overseeing financial assistance
  • Assisting you with choosing an adoptive family
  • Being your point of contact with the agency
  • Supporting you at the hospital
  • Explaining the adoption process and the choices you have

During your pregnancy, as you are on your adoption journey, you will be able to reach out to your caseworker to discuss any concerns or issues that may arise.  Your adoption caseworker can also work with any other social service caseworkers you may have as well.  She will be an incredible resource for you and will be your biggest advocate. Building Arizona Families adoption case managers believe wholeheartedly in adoption.  They will understand when you are having a hard day, or are feeling really emotional.  Your case manager will be the one phone call or text you will WANT to make when you need someone to talk to.

Local Adoption Agency in Arizona

We Don’t Say Goodbye, We Say See You Later

After the adoption is completed, it can be very difficult to say goodbye to your case manager.  You have gone through a very intense personal journey and have developed a very close relationship with your caseworker.  Our doors are open!  After adoption, many women stop by the office just to say “hi” to their case manager or leave them a little note.  Plus, Our Aftercare Program, which is available to Building Arizona Families birthmoms after placement, is at the Donna K. Evans Foundation right next door to the Building Arizona Families offices.  Our caseworkers will often attend birth mom support groups, events and classes to make sure they continue to show their support.

Building Arizona Families is a Local Arizona Adoption Agency Here For You

There are alternatives to abortion. If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and want more information about adoption, we are a licensed, non-profit, and local adoption agency in Arizona, learn more information HERE.

We have a pregnancy crisis hotline available 24/7 by phone or text at (623) 695-4112.  We can make an immediate appointment with you to get you to a safe place, provide food and clothing, and started on creating an Arizona adoption plan or give you more information.  Be educated about your unplanned pregnancy choice and alternatives to abortion in Arizona – your baby is counting on you! 

Adoption can provide the future both you and your baby deserve, and we are here to provide the practical support you need on your journey, introduce yourself to us HERE.

Let us walk with you. With adoption, you are never alone, choose life.  #youbeforeme

Local Adoption Agency in Arizona

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