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Adoption is open-ended and is accompanied by numerous options and opportunities (many of which are not commonly known) for women that are having an unplanned pregnancy, and find them. With our agencies; AZ Pregnancy Help and Building Arizona Families we believe in empowerment and the power of choice and the importance of adoption education. For a pregnant women, whether a teen pregnancy or not, the questions that are often asked include: “I am pregnant thinking about adoption”, “Do I adopt out my baby?” “Do I place my baby for adoption?” “Do I make an adoption plan for my baby?” “How do I go about finding families for my baby?” Birth Mothers are heroes and have superhuman qualities and deserve respect, understanding, compassion and future opportunities.

Adoption is accompanied by so many decisions in a birth mother preparing for newborn adoption, such as;

  1. What type of adoptive family does a birth mother want to choose? Some of the choices include:
  • Instate? Out-of-State?
  • A family with kids? Without kids?
  • An adoptive family with a dog?
  • An adoptive family that travels a lot?
  • An adoptive mother that stays at home?
  • An active adoptive family?
  • An adoptive family with a large extended family?
  1. Does a birth mother want an open or closed adoption? Some of the choices within these options include:
  • Post Adoption Visits
  • Post Adoption Letters and Phone Calls
  • Post Adoption Skype / Facetime Sessions
  • No Contact Post Adoption
  1. Adoption aftercare programs by local adoption centers provide opportunities solely for birth mothers who have placed a baby for adoption. Future opportunities for birth mothers with the Donna K. Evans Aftercare Program, adoption in Phoenix, Arizona include endless possibilities such as:

Assistance with:

  • Education
  • Permanent, Long-Term Housing
  • Employment
  • Obtaining a GED
  • Food Handler’s Card
  • And so much more…

Adoption is a door that a birth mother can open. Adoption remains a selfless choice, a true gift and a journey for the triad involved.




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